Unlock the potential of supply chain financing

Artfine Advisory LLP is a specialist structuring firm focused on Supply Chain Financing.

We believe that bespoke financial solutions and appropriate technology can penetrate this segment effectively which has been long neglected by conventional financing sources and traditional banking products. Our core competence is off-balance sheet financing and product structuring suited for debt capital markets, aimed at optimal capital allocation and improved ROE. Our offerings are targeted at multiple touchpoints in the Supply Chain including but not limited to Corporate Anchors, Vendors to Blue chip companies, NBFIs and Platform aggregators. If the above makes sense, please click below to explore further..

Our Advantage

For Corporates

Unleash the power of your Account Receivables in
driving shareholder returns

For Vendors

Get timely payments for your sales to blue-chip
customers at attractive rates

for Lenders

Deploy your funds in low risk supply chain financing products
which are self liquidating versus risky term lending

for Aggregators

Expand your service offering to customers
by offering last mile financing

“Artfine Advisory LLP advised Centrum on the acquisition of the supply chain business from L&T finance. Their advice in structuring the transfer of business and the fund raising helped successfully consummate the transaction. Their expertise in the supply chain space and innovative ideas make them a great team to work with.”

Ranjan Ghosh : CEO, Centrum Financial Services Limited

“Artfine team members are a group of innovative persons who are very sharp, each with a rich experience in Banking that has given them a deep knowledge of relevant Regulatory, Compliance & Legal aspects. We partner with them for Supply Chain Finance and use them as a sounding board for innovative financing solutions.”

Anjani Mandal : CEO & Co-Founder, Fortigo Network

Off-Balance Sheet Solutions…But why??

Equity like product

Receivables funding has the effect of equity at costs close to debt.
Payable finance helps net off current assets and manage key ratios.

Short tenors equate to lower risks

Receivables and Payables are usually around 180 days at most.
These can be insured, derisked by banks/NBFI and cash flow tracking is easy.

Self Liquidating

Structural security is higher – its a dual recourse product with recourse to buyer and seller and will liquidate itself – gets paid out of the sales top line and not post EBITDA cash flows.

Low Competition

Currently only a few banks offer off balance sheet products.
Cost of SLR/ CRR and priority sector lending a big deterrent.

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